Daiyousei is a unit frequently seen as a mid-boss or boss assistant, but is also available to the player if the player is lucky enough to get her as a drop, as she is not guaranteed. While overall weak, she is a strong support unit that provides the party with extra bombs and temporary fairy reinforcements.

How to Obtain Edit

Daiyousei and her spell cards are random drops from the Main Quest "Misty Lake," which is available on the Easy difficulty for units that are level 3 or above. Because none of her spell cards are first-time clear rewards, she can be randomly acquired after fighting the quest on Easy, Normal, or Hard. She cannot be acquired from Lunatic as none of her spell cards drop on that difficulty mode.

Spell Cards Edit

Name Attribute Power Cost Type Special Effect
Call for Help Green 0 2 N/A Summons a Red Sunflower Fairy and a Blue Sunflower Fairy to join the party until the end of the quest.
Icicle Fall? Blue 200 3 Physical attack once to all targets. Passively increases the amount of bombs added by one every time a spell card is drawn.
Lunate Elf Green 40 3 Physical attack 5 times. Passively adds a bomb every time an allied fairy is attacked.

Strategy Edit

Daiyousei plays a clear support role in the party regardless if it's on the player's team or the enemy's, and none of her spell cards are particularly strong in damage. Her Call for Help spell card can be repeated, and each time she will summon another two fairies as long as there are open slots for them. The fairies' stats will scale with Daiyousei's level, and they can recieve buffs from ally spell cards, but the downside to them is that their attacks cannot be buffed via attack cards, and they do not have any spell cards. Because enemy parties are not capable of focusing attack on one until like the player can, though, this makes them effective at spreading out enemy damage. Icicle Fall?, while not addressing the root issue, makes Sakuya's Eternal Meek easier to deal with, and otherwise is helpful for party setups where units have spell cards with high costs. Lunate Elf's effect partners extremely well with Call for Help, and also applies to Cirno if she is in the party. Bombs will not go over the maximum cap, however, so make sure to cast spell cards once the cap is reached in order to keep collecting more bombs. Rumia's Eating also has high compatibility with Call for Help, as Rumia will attack after the fairies do, causing large amounts of hits against the enemy.

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